About Us

We started E-Fag.Co.uk In April 2010. We heavily researched the electronic cigarette market and have tried many different varieties of electronic cigarettes. We have even sampled our competitors products.The main aspects we looked at was price and quality. We feel our E-Stick is a superior product at an affordable price.We have now transitioned to our trademarked name E-Stick™.
If you have any questions, complaints,suggestions or feedback we would be happy to hear from you.
The word E-Stick and E-Fag was first used to describe the very first disposable electronic cigarette by myself in 2007. It has then become very popular and synonymous with Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping devices.The word E-Stick is derived from Ciggie Stick which got abbreviated to E-Stick. E-Stick was trademarked in the European Union on 4th August 2015 (registration date) and filed on 26th March 2015. The registration number for this is 013881271