5 pack of E-Stick Melow EC Coils compatible with ELEAF Melo 3/Ijust2

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EC Coils for the E-Stick Melow tank. Also compatible with Atlantis Mega, Melo 3, Melo 2, Lemo tanks.


These are not made by Eleaf , these are produced for us (E-Stick™). They are in Blister Packs containing 5 coils and are packaged in a plain white box
These are Blister packed in a pack of 5. These are 100% Genuine and Authentic. 
The EC atomizer heads have been specifically designed for use in the E-Stick Melow tank and are also compatible Melo 3 and iJust 2 e-liquid tanks. These atomizer heads consist of two vertically parallel heating wires and a natural cotton wick.
The standard kanthal atomizer heads can handle up to  30-80W (0.3ohm) when used on a variable wattage device. They can can create large amounts of vapor and flavour. 
Key Features:
Easy to replace atomizer head 
Dual coil build, can handle a power output between 30-80W depending on your atomizer head. 
Available resistance of 0.3ohm,  in a pack of 5.
Natural cotton wick providing clean flavour.    
Please make sure your device is compatible with the coils you choose. 


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