PATHFINDER V2 Dry Herb Vaporizer-LCD 2200mAh-Mesh Filter-Vape-BLACK

£29.99 £17.49


We are pleased introduce the new
PATHFINDER V2 from Hugo Vapor
BEST VALUE HERB VAPORIZER IN THE PRICE RANGE – For a Vaporizer under £20.00 the 
Pathfinder V2 delivers high quality vapour and great flavour
 POWERFUL 2200mAh BATTERY – The in built rechargable 2200mAh battery gives your plenty 
of vaping time and heating the chamber takes seconds. For convenience charge your device with any micro USB cable
FULLY VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Unlike many other vaporizers, the Pathfinder 
V2 allows you to select any temperature up-to 480 °F / 220°C. The Pathfinder will make your herb 
last longer than traditional smoking.
PERFECT FOR ON THE GO – The Pathfinder V2 fits in your pocket, carry it with you wherever 
you go. The device is discreet and releases minimum to no odour.
The HEALTHIER WAY TO HERB – There is no Combustion when using this vaporizer, so no more 
filling your lungs with toxic smoke. There is no tar and other cancer causing substances. 
Furthermore no more staining your teeth or smoking breath. (NThis unit does NOT contain Nicotine)
For Use with Dry  Herb / Wax vape only
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Variable Temperature:Digital screen display
Working voltage:3.3-4.2V
Usage:Specially for dry herb
Packing list:
1 pc. Pathfinder body
1 pc. USB cable
1 pc. Cleaning Brush
3 pc. Extra filter screen
2 pc. Silicone mouthpiece sleeve
1 pc. User manual
1 pc. Gift box BlackPatherfinder v2Patherfinder v2Patherfinder v2Patherfinder v2Patherfinder v2Patherfinder v2
Patherfinder v2